Julie Jago

 Head Coach

Swimming Lesson Co-Ordinator 

 contact information: coach.phoenixswim@gmail.com


I am proud to be Swimming Lesson Co-ordinator and Head Coach for Colchester Phoenix Amateur Swimming Club where our motto is “Ability not Disability.”

I have been involved with swimming clubs since the age of 12 when I started competing, I carried on racing until my mid-forties. My biggest achievement as a swimmer was when I was part of a successful relay team of 6 that crossed the English Channel in 1986. Interestingly another member of the team was Carl Cooper who is now the East Region Disability Swimming Talent Officer.

I have taught and coached for 5 different swimming clubs over the years and currently also teach for Leisure World as well as being an Assistant Coach for Stanway Swimming club.

My disability experience comes from being a Teaching Assistant for 14 years both as a general classroom TA and working 1 to1 with several children with a particular focus on Downs Syndrome. I was a teacher for Colchester Phoenix for a couple of years before stepping up to take the key positions I currently hold in the club last year.

Although I don’t have any children with disabilities I do have a blind dog. Her name is Kizzy and her swimming achievements include leaping from a rowing boat in Dedham to have a race with a duck and swimming the entire width of a paddling pool! She has now retired from swimming but does support Phoenix by snuggling up to me when I’m typing away on my laptop.

I would like to introduce you to the TEAM both front of house and behind the scenes that support me and all our swimmers on our journey of happy successful disability swimming.

Behind every good club there is a great team…


Our Captains: Sam and Amelia

Our 5 to 6pm teachers. From left to right: Nikki and Steph Ashdown, Judith Strain, Hazel Blackwell,  Amelia Edgar, Chloe Blackwell

Our coaches. From left to right: Steph Young, Philippa Davenhall, Donna Cowan

Executive Committee and Trustees:

chiarman clive


Clive Clarke


Chair of the club's committee


contact information: chair.phoenixswim@gmail.com


Bill Holmes


Secretary of the club's committee


contact information: secretary.phoenixswim@gmail.com


Nicola Lacey


Assistant Secretary of the club's committee


contact information: secretaryassistant@phoenixswim.club


Soni Youseffi


Membership Secretary of the club's committee

contact information:

fran clarke min


Fran Clarke


Treasurer of the club



contact information: treasurer.phoenixswim@gmail.com


Hywel Edwards


Welfare & Safeguarding Officer of the club


contact information: safeguarding@phoenixswim.club

fran clarke min


Fran Clarke


Swim21 Coordinator of the club


contact information: swim21@phoenixswim.club


Judith Strain


Main Committee Member


Nikki Scott


Member of the club


Chris Payne


Main Committee Member


Jane Roberts


Main Committee Member


Denise Grimshaw


Club Ambassador